21 Awesome And Proven Benefits of CBD Oil

There is a lot of hype submerging the internet and the pharma industry today regarding the benefits of CBD oil. Scientists, researchers, enthusiasts, government and even the common folk are mesmerized or confused by the potential of this magical herb.

Nonetheless, our society always works in a pattern. At some point in time, this magic herb was so much in use that the early kings, emperors and people alike were using it. Then came a time when due to over-dependence on this herb and its acolytes like marijuana the governments decided to initiate an overall ban.  Since the mid of the 2000s, Cannabis is born again and everybody is heavily investing to find out the benefits and uses of this herb.

This revival is mainly due to the potential health benefits of CBD oil. Which is driving all the research towards filtering out its effectiveness. Being a new subject the amount of research on the subject is not remarkable and is still ongoing. But even if the researchers have scratched the surface, one thing is evident that Cannabis is not a hoax. It does have credible helpful properties. To know more about Cannabis, its origin, and working mechanism follow our comprehensive guide aimed to clear all the doubts.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for the Human Body?



Pain can be described as an unwanted and uneasy sensation in any part of the body. The onslaught of pain can be independent of any disease or it can also be due to cancer and other conditions. The Endocannabinoid system also plays a role in pain management. CBD oil by the way of influencing this system can help with pain relief. The Cannabinoid agonists can excite the receptors associated with different organs and hence attenuating pain. As per this study, the users who consume CBD oil or any other condiment for pain relief are benefitting from its use as compared to non-users. A popular drug goes by the name Sativex which is a combination of THC and CBD is popular with patients to get relief from multiple Sclerosis pain relief. This testifies the fact that there are indeed certain benefits of CBD oil subject to its legality, manufacturing, and dosage.


Do not confuse CBD with THC in this matter. THC invokes munchies in the users and is responsible to induce weight gain. CBD, on the other hand, does just the opposite of THC. Hypothalamus regulates our body’s appetite, and it has two enzymes which do all the work, ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin stimulates hunger and THC stimulates ghrelin through the receptor CB1. The reason obesity comes under one of the many health benefits of CBD oil is that it restricts ghrelin. Meaning CBD helps control your appetite. This is how CBD can control weight gain and help in weight loss. FYI: Leptin is the enzyme which indicates that enough is enough, you can eat the next hamburger tomorrow.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer & Seizures



First and foremost, let’s get one thing cleared out. Cancer cure is not a health benefit of CBD oil. But, attenuating the pain and the adverse effects of this disease with Cannabidiol has been proved. Scientists have found that administration of CBD through oil or any other medium has indeed helped in reducing the growth of malignant and tumor cells. Plus due to its anti-inflammatory properties CBD oil prevents the growth of blood vessels that supply tumor cells. The National Cancer Institute has also stated that Cannabis helps in alleviating the cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.


The tumor cells are connected with Cancer. But if we are to know the exclusive Anti-tumor properties the mechanism is a bit different. In a study conducted for the same purpose on mice after deliberately inducing cancer cells in them. The researches administered to them doses of Cannabinoid compounds. These compounds were then combined with the CB2 and GPR55 receptors. This ability of Cannabidiol and its compound to directly target the tumor cells is what helps in controlling them. Testing the combinations of THC and Cannabidiol to know more about the benefits of CBD oil for humans is still underway.


Seizures are mostly related to Epilepsy. Epileptic seizures have known to build resistance to modern drugs, therapies, and treatments. The increasing incidence of this disease, especially in children, has alerted the medical community. Seeing to the efficacy of CBD in helping with various symptoms and effects of CBD, Epidiolex, a CBD drug is available. This drug can specifically treat Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome of Epilepsy. This anti-seizure property of Cannabis is yet another benefit of CBD oil which has shown signs of a better health scenario for the patients.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Skin

Acne: Acne is the cause of lipid synthesis made possible by the sebaceous glands. This creates an oily substance which hydrates the skin giving it an uncanny appearance. In contrast to this when the skin is overly dry and the lipid production is at negligible levels it leads to conditions such as seborrhea, eczema, and itching. Tamas Biro, working in a University in Hungary tested CBD to treat acne and found that it indeed inhibits the lipid synthesis. Annually around 50 million people are suffering from acne by variable degrees in the USA alone. This testifies that how much of a problem acne has grown up to be, and proves that the generic medication is not working. This is the main reason why people are constantly striving to know the benefits of CBD oil and are ready to use it.


We all know that Vitamin E and C are good for skin and they help us protect and maintain skin health. Both these vitamins have antioxidant properties. But a major benefit of CBD oil is that it has stronger anti-oxidant properties than Vitamin E and C. It doesn’t matter that you apply CBD as an oil or as a lotion on your skin the results will be the same. Being an antioxidant it protects the skin from UV rays and damage caused by environmental pollution. We also talked about acne that how CBD controls skin hydration by manipulating the activity of sebaceous glands. Some researches also show that CBD was used for skin damage healing in ancient times too both with animals and humans.

Cardiovascular Conditions, Diabetes & their relation with CBD Oil



Because of its Anti-Oxidant properties CBD in all its forms can help maintain the regular intensity of the nerves and vessels. In a study conducted on animals, it was found that it can help with stroke by increasing the blood flow and reducing the infarct size. Moreover, heart attack patients who are users of marijuana or cannabis are less vulnerable to die from a heart attack. As said an observation done by the University of Colorado. Although the marijuana-derived CBD is not legal we can still consider it as a health benefit of CBD hemp oil.


If Cannabis is attached to any one aspect of its various uses, it surely is the benefits of CBD oil for diabetics. With more than 1/3rd of the US population living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes the impact of CBD on this condition is under extensive research. Insulin levels and lipoprotein levels control the intensity of diabetes. In this scenario, CBD’s interaction with the blood sugar level maintenance and increasing the absorption rate of insulin helps to keep diabetes in check. In diabetes, our body resists insulin and this leads to an increase in blood glucose levels ultimately ending in diabetes. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help in absorbing the required amount of insulin thereby maintaining the blood sugar levels.

Benefits of CBD Oil for the Brain

Brain Health

For starters, it is good to know that CBD helps to calm the brain and is a great supporter of Hippocampus. Its neuroprotective properties assist in maintaining brain health, adding another benefit of hemp CBD oil to the list. CBD does this by improving the efficiency of mitochondria. Another way it helps keep our brain fit and fine is by maintaining the glutamate levels in the brain. Glutamate is the compound which helps stimulate the brain and higher levels of this compound can damage the cells. Also, it also helps in the prevention of degeneration of the brain cells which are vulnerable to slow down in activity with age.


The efficacy of this magical herb is rather dwindling in case of sleep. This is because some studies have suggested that Cannabis administration helps them stay alert for hours and others report better sleep. In one study the strong effects of CBD have increased wakefulness in the subjects from REM sleep during the lights-on period. The reason sleep is in the health benefits of CBD oil because some it has a negligible amount of THC content in them. This may produce sleep effects in the users. Moreover, the bidirectional capacity of CBD to induce sleep in nighttime and alertness in the day time. 

CBD Oil Benefits for the Human Bones



Another benefit of CBD oil is its ability to maintain stronger bones and protecting from deterioration with age. Our bones replace and rejuvenate at a rate of 10% every year. CBD halts the process of an enzyme which otherwise has a tendency to damage the bone-building compounds. This further minimizes the onslaught on bone-related conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. A study also deduced that CBD helps in faster healing of broken bones.


The onslaught of Arthritis is related to the weakness of bones and the incidence of swelling. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, another benefit of CBD oil is its ability to help with the pain and swelling related to arthritis. A drug names Sativex is popular arthritis. Sativex has both THC and CBD in it which helps in relieving pain and reduce swelling.

CBD Oil for Stress and Depression


Depression is prevalent in much higher concentration than Anxiety. Today it has become one of the most common illnesses in the world, affecting 300 million people. There is no telling about the consequences for someone who is suffering from depression. We have seen instances of people committing suicide out of depression. The individuals have a happy enzyme in the body called Serotonin which regulates mood and relaxation. CBD acts as a promising anti-depressant among the people. In some studies conducted on some animal subjects, it was found that Cannabidiol administration excites the glutamate release and increases the Serotonin levels. This makes for one of the most important benefits of CBD oil due to its ability to mingle with enzymes at the molecular level.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is becoming a common notion with every passing day. The burden of life is driving us towards an unhealthy routine. This devours our normal functioning capacity and may lead us towards depression. Stress and depression are inter-related the same way anxiety and depression are. Both of them can be a factor and a cause for their onslaught. Amidst the benefits of CBD oil for humans. Its ability to help relax and sleep tight is the most sought after property. It works in the same mechanism by which Cannabis helps us to tackle depression. In a study conducted for Neurotherapeutics, it was concluded that acute Cannabidiol administration will help in attenuating the after-effects of PTSD.

CBD Oil for Anxiety



There are alarming levels of anxiety currently disturbing the normal life balance. Anxiety does not differentiate between men and women, 1 in 13 people are the suffering some degree of Anxiety globally. In a study conducted at the National Institution for Translational Medicine, the researchers found that with CBD oil administration people exhibited much lower levels of anxious feelings. Using drugs like benzodiazepines may lead to addiction, substance abuse and they provide relief to only 30% of the users.  CBD interacts with the limbic and the paralimbic system of the body. Only to effectuate the markers of reduction in the anxiety to produce tranquility and calmness. This is the reason that one of the most searched for and pervasive health benefits of CBD oil associates with anxiety.

CBD Oil Benefits for Neurology

Neurological disorders

CBD can interact with various organs on a molecular level going right down to the chromosomes. This is the reason why Cannabidiol has the potential to fight various symptoms which give birth to a number of other reactions inside the body.  Diseases like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s are the leading markers of increasing neurodegenerative diseases in the US alone. A few studies have found that the health benefits of CBD oil include a reduction in agitation in Alzheimer’s disease. For a better understanding of Cannabis’ efficacy researchers are continually conducting experiments globally. 


Although medicinal marijuana may have provided better results in some conditions like heart diseases, it is psychoactive. This property steers people more towards Cannabis derived Cannabidiol. Also, this makes us curious to know the health benefits of CBD oil. The major psychoactive in the Cannabis and Marijuana plant is THC. In the Cannabis plant, there are 102 other compounds along with THC. In some cases, the manufactures separate THC from the plant and the result is Isolate CBD oil.  The other version which is most common for various purposes and manufacturing is full spectrum CBD. This makes CBD a potent medicine and nutritional supplement which we can consume to obtain various benefits.

Some Other Important Benefits of CBD Oil

Nausea and Vomiting

In some countries, you may find drugs made from THC as a major compound and it is used for nausea. But the evidence around CBD to help with it is yet not on the rails. Another benefit is that CBD oil can help with food sensitiveness, especially in Cancer patients. It can become a major help with cancer and non-cancer patients yet adding another concrete health benefit of CBD oil.


Inflammation is not restricted to one body part. Rather it is a side effect and also a separate problem prevalent in the body. The benefits of CBD oil with reference to inflammation include its property to provide therapy to the patients. Inflammation is related to the immune system of the body. And CBD in its effect can interact with inflammation through the immune system to target it. In a study, CBD is also said to reduce the production of inflammatory substances in the immune cells.

Substance abuse treatment

It is really a wonder that a compound which is treated as a drug substance in some countries can help in de-addiction. The benefits of CBD oil also consist of their ability to help with relapse of a previous addiction to alcohol or any other substance. In this study, we do not know how the scientists discovered which rat is drinking and which one is taking alcohol. But after addiction to a substance, the rats were administered with Cannabidiol. To their surprise, with only 7 days of CBD administration, there were no symptoms or effects for the next 5 months or so.  CBD attenuated drug abuse without any side effects or sedation.


A compound such as Cannabidiol which has become a buzzword only in the last half a decade does surround a lot of speculation around it. In this scenario, it is only obvious that we ask what are the benefit of CBD oil? Well, for your convenience we have listed the most popular benefits of CBD oil. These are the most common benefits of CBD oil and have the rubber stamp of doctors and scientists. There may or may not be more benefits than these, but they are subject to further research and studies. Among these benefits that you are reading above, the information relies on the research and case studies. We cannot claim any responsibility for the said effects, only provide essential information.

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